The first celebrity in my lifetime I've actually cried over. Not to sound cliche, but her story heartbreaks me. It seems all she cared for was love, yet had never truly attained it, which lead to drugs and drinking to fill that vapid hole. A story repeated many times, but never loses it's weight in tragedy. She will live now live on as a legend, an even bigger one than if she walked on until old age. Her allure is now immortalized, as she will be hailed another young, tragic hero who helped shaped the course of our music in this day and age.

I wonder if she thought of the impact shes would impart on her fans were she were to die. Probably.

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Songs I will always love:
Shortwave by Monster Movie
Mother of Earth by The Gun Club
Isis by Bob Dylan
Mykur by Sigur Ros
Isolation by The Warlocks

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We are toying more so with new technologies than new artistic ideas, using old ideas of the past and coupling them with our technological abilities today, having them revamped. Our interests may be in improving, rather than creating anything new.

Cake and Noodles.

Just a small tribute to 2 of my favorite foods in the world.

What's soft and watery
Slips like a snake?
The gaunt and luster-ly
Noodle of wake?
What's creamy and rich
Moistened with crimson?
The only niche
Fit for a cake, within!

Dine very well
For this will lead to cardiac arrest
But don't put yourself up to Hell
For denying the best.